Simona O’Flaherty and her son, Keane.   Photo Credit:

Simona O’Flaherty and her son, Keane.

Photo Credit:

When I got the news I was pregnant with my son, I could not have been more excited!

I bought clothes and bottles, researched pacifiers and pediatricians, planned my dream baby shower (I’m too compulsive to let anyone plan anything for me) and best of all, I put together his nursery! All the normal prep work for an excited expecting mother. I religiously read every chapter of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” Knowing exactly what was going on with my little guy and preparing for his arrival became a full-time job, and I was crushing it… until I hit “Postpartum Care”. All the sudden there was a whole new set of things to research and learn about; witch hazel pads, lidocaine, lanolin, peri bottles, overnight pads (and possibly adult diapers, yay!). 

December 2016

December 2016

 Everyone at my shower got me the cutest baby clothes, baby swings, stuffed animals and most commonly - baby blankets (you’ll get A LOT of blankets!) See a pattern here? Everything is for baby, no one prepares mama for what she’s about to go through. Except one experienced lifesaving friend of mine got me Earth Mama Bottom Spray. She’s that very raw friend that everyone needs who holds nothing back and will tell you all the crazy things you should get prepared for the birth and caring for your postpartum body. This sparked a few questions...I think I have the baby under control but what do I need at home to take care of myself? What’s the best product to help with healing tears? What’s a cooling pad for my nipples? Should I have a gentle hand sanitizer around for people meeting the baby?

Just what I needed, more homework when this baby was ready to make his entrance! If you’re like me, by 8 ½ months you’re counting the seconds until your bundle of joy is here, so the last thing you want to do is run around gathering supplies to ensure your postpartum is as comfortable as possible.

This is where Mizzo comes in:

Let me do the work for you and relax while you still have a minute! Mizzo is a care package with everything you need to take care of yourself when you come home from the hospital. Including aftercare products, both for comfort and sanitization, tools for successful breastfeeding, a baby log to help you keep track of everything in those delusional sleepless first weeks, and so much more! Each care package includes full and trial size products catering to solely you, new mama!! You can even reuse the package itself for lots of practical things, but a great use is for a pop up diaper changing station—trust me! You’ll have one in every room.


The first week of bringing home baby is not only the best of your entire life but also the most emotionally and physically exhausting. These care packages help keep you comfortable and feeling your best so you can enjoy your new little angel while you're healing!



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